We say Living Stones is a family of missionary servants living with gospel intentionality. Family is important because we are God’s kids and Jesus’ brothers and sisters. We live in relationship with God and with one another. To say we are “missionary” does not mean we are headed to some faraway place, but simply that we are actively pursuing God’s mission to make peace with His enemies and sons and daughters of strangers. We take the call to be a servant seriously, and try to serve those around us with the same servant love Jesus had. 

We try to put this idea into action by living in Gospel Communities that focus on explaining and sharing the love of Jesus with specific people who do not yet love Him. Our small groups try to be missionary teams designed around how we can best serve the people we want to love rather than what our small group members can get from the group. Gospel Communities are the building block of our church family, and while our weekly gathering will always be important it is the life inside a Gospel Community that drives our church family forward.

We also offer complimentary Biblical counseling to those interested. For more information, read on here.

What to expect on a Sunday evening:

Our meeting space is conveniently located on Newnan Road going through Carrollton. Our gathering time begins at 6:00 PM, and everyone is welcome to join us. Normally we’ll start out by singing a few songs and then have an interactive lesson from the Bible. Usually we will hear from members about how God is working at some time during the gathering, and most evenings include a short time for prayer. After our lesson, we get to hang out and continue to share our lives with one another. People tend to dress informally as they would when hanging out with friends and family.