Mike Keating- Pastor

I have been following Jesus since 1987, married to Kristen since 1996 and the dad to Constance, Lydia, Andrew and Annalise. Over the past couple of years God has been showing me more and more how important it is to abide in Christ and what it looks like when we trust in the Vine to be our source of vitality, strength and purpose. Some of the most helpful books I’ve read in the last five years are Total Church and Everyday Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray, The Enemy Within by Kris Lundgaard, Shame Interrupted by Ed Welch and Good News for the Poor by Tim Chester. Kristen and I are both certified biblical counselors and I have a Master’s degree in the Biblical Counseling from Faith Bible Seminary.

I want to see our church family increasingly live lives that show the world we really do believe what we say we do. As we grow in our ability to care for the weak, heal the broken and proclaim God's truth to a dying world, we show those watching that faith in Jesus doesn't just save us from our sin but saves others from some of the impacts of living in a sinful world.